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iPhoto recovery


System Requirements

Processor : Intel

Operating System : macOS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6

Memory : 1 GB Minimum

Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space


Indeed the best, I managed to recover iphoto files after formatting using this utility, when none other utility could help me anyway.

Thanks a lot, my priceless iphoto photos was recovered using the application.

Deleted iPhoto Library Recovery : Restore Lost or Deleted iPhoto Library Easily

iPhoto is a digital photo listing tool especially built for the Mac operating system users. The application is basically used to maintain, import share, edit and print photos from digital cameras, picture CDs, scanners and the Internet. It stores these pictures in a specific folder named iPhoto library. This tool provides some advanced features to the users such as face recognition, full screen display modes etc. It is a self-contained folder which appears like single file in the Finder app. Although, iPhoto library folder contains all major photos, preview and thumbnail versions of images, database files which reads and writes to know information about each photos as how well you have organized. You can save as many pictures as you wish on this folder. However, your photos from iPhoto library can sometimes get missed due to some unknown reasons and you need to perform deleted iPhoto library recovery even after taking many preventive measures.

List of the Best Softwares For Deleted iPhoto Library Recovery

Software Name (Rank-wise)

Star Ratings

File Size


Download Now

#1. Stellar iPhoto Mac Data Recovery

 17.3 MB Paid

#2. EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

  16 MB  Paid  

#3. Remo Mac Data Recovery

  6.6 MB Paid  

#4. iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery

   4.4 MB  Free  

Common Scenarios For the Loss of Pictures From iPhoto Library

  • At the time of moving the folder of iPhoto library from one drive to another Mac drive, an occurrence of any interruption leads to the missing up of photo files from it.

  • Unintentional deletion of iPhoto library folder by using Command + Shift + Option + Del keys.

  • Corruption of iPhoto library due to an incorrect update of operating system or software conflict.

  • Clicking onto Rebuild feature on iPhoto generates a new library which making the previous one invisible for the Mac users.

  • The folder may crash due to the slowdown of Mac system, freezing or abrupt shutdown.

Note: Due to the above mentioned scenarios or other queries posted on Apple's discussion forums [], the pictures saved on iPhoto Library folder are just unreadable on Mac operating system. In order to solve these problems, you can try the manual method for deleted iPhoto library recovery.

Manual Method For Deleted iPhoto Library Recovery

  • First of all, locate “Finder” bar placed at the top of Mac system.

  • From the appeared menu, click on “Go” option and select “Home” and it will locate the system files under your user name.

  • Search for “Pictures” option and double tap onto it recover all the crucial files that was stored in the folder.

  • Now, look for the file labeled as “iPhoto Library”, right click onto it and select “Show Package Contents”.

  • Double tap on the folder named “Data” within the “Package Content” folder.

  • In this folder, you can easily find entire images that you have been saved on your Mac system.

  • Finally, just copy and paste the desired files onto your desktop.

Important: In case, if the above mentioned manual method failed in deleted iPhoto library recovery, then it is best to use third-party iPhoto library recovery software in order to bring back lost or deleted pictures easily from iPhoto library folder onto the Mac computer.

Why Choose Third-Party Tool To Restore iPhoto Library Folder?

The third-party software to recover deleted iPhoto library folder can help you get pictures back including JPG, CRW, IMG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PIC, NEF, CR2, MOS, NEF, SRW, ARI etc. from the iPhoto library folder on Mac OS X. With the help of recovery utility, the restoration of MRW files is also possible. The advanced scanning algorithm of recovery program will assist you to retrieve entire media files, such as video clips, music files, images, along with Office files etc. Besides, there are several third-party recovery software is available over the Internet that provides user friendly interface for retrieving missing, lost or deleted media files with just few simple clicks. In next section of this article, you will get the list of 5 top iPhoto library recovery application from which you have to choose the best one for restoring iPhoto library folder. Here, we will provide the detailed specification about the software in last section of this article that will help you in choosing the best one.

5 Top-Rated Software For Deleted iPhoto Library Recovery

1. Stellar Mac Data Recovery For Restoring iPhoto Library

If your iPhoto library folder appears unreadable, missing thumbnails or images, or if you lose pictures from iPhoto library on your Mac computer, then you do not need to panic. The Stellar iPhoto recovery utility allows you to rebuild your iPhoto library easily. This software rebuilds the structure of library, scans and then repair disk permissions which is beneficial for restoring deleted photos. This data recovery program not only works when there is issue in iPhoto library structure, but also if you have accidentally deleted memorable photos from your iPhoto library folder or removed the library itself. In such circumstances, you need to perform deleted iPhoto library recovery on your Mac system and a professional data recovery software like Stellar will be a good solution. The Stellar Phoenix iPhoto recovery tool is able to rescue deleted, corrupted, or lost photos from iPhoto library.

Prominent Features of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

  • Restore pictures from iPhoto library of different file formats.

  • Facilitates data recovery procedure from encrypted Mac hard drive and for Unicode files.

  • It can also rescue audios, videos and different file formats including HD-MOV files, MXF movies and Adobe EPS.

  • Enhanced scanning engine which quickly scans the hard drive with capacities above 2TB.

  • Improved Mac data recovery for ExFAT, HFS+, FAT32 and NTFS based systems.

System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 and above

  • Hard disk: 100 MB of free space

  • Memory: 1GB Minimum

2. Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery To Restore iPhoto Library

Data rescue 4 is one of the most comprehensive tool for deleted iPhoto library recovery for Mac systems. It has an advanced technology that can boot and restore files from any Mac operating systems from 2005 or newer. It has been the top-rated Mac data recovery program for over a decade and constantly innovate with new powerful features. With the help of Bootwell feature, the Data rescue 4 utility can easily and safely restore data from more Mac models as compare to other softwares. It provides customers with one of the best-possible support at the time of their crucial Mac data recovery efforts. The software allows users to get their vital files back with enhanced compatibility, improved ease of use, effectiveness and performance.

Key Features of Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery

  • Helps you to recover photos from deleted iPhoto library folder.

  • Restore files from any iMac, Macbook Air or Pro including retina displays and Mac mini.

  • Tuned for all modern Mac operating system versions 10.8 and newer.

  • Retrieve entire Mac hard drive or just the important documents that you need.

  • Rescue pictures from your digital camera even after being deleted or reformatted.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Mac OS X 10.8 or later

  • Secondary Hard Drive

  • An Internet connection

Notice: You can also visit the Apple's official support website [i.e.] for rebuilding the iPhoto library.

Download Data Rescue 4

3. EaseUS Mac Data Recovery For iPhoto Library Folder Restoration

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery is highly recommended recovery tool that can help users to retrieve their lost or deleted images from Mac system, including iPhoto library, Mac NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and FAT file system on Mac operating system 10.6 or later. This software works effectively to retrieve data lost or formatted from MacBook, iMac hard drive, memory card, SD card, SSD, digital camera, USB drive, media player etc. In just three simple steps, the utility helps users on Mac to undelete pictures, musics, document, email, video, audio and other important files in a flash. It can also rescue vital data from Mac under recent Mac OS Sierra and the previous Mac OS X with some special Mac data recovery features which really take effect in restoring data from any destructive crisis. All in all, EaseUS Mac Data Recovery tool provides safe and recover-only functionality for deleted, formatted and inaccessible data on Mac systems.

Salient Features of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

  • Restore deleted iPhoto library, music files, and other important multimedia files from Mac hard drive and portable storage media as well.

  • The software can retrieve recent lost or deleted pictures with original name and path.

  • Rescue images from partitions that have been lost, damaged or overwritten by a nasty computer virus.

  • Helps you in RAW recovery that completely scans your lost file sector in order to make sure that all possible files can easily recovered. Although, it is strongly recommended that you try this feature when any other recovery module does not work.

  • It can restore pictures from USB memory sticks, SD cards, Compact Flash cards, Mac systems' hard drive etc.

System and Hardware Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

  • CPU: At least 1GHz

  • File System: FAT (FAT 16, FAT 32), exFAT, HFS+, HFS X, NTFS

  • Disk Space: 32MB minimum space for installing EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

4. Remo Mac Data Recovery For Deleted iPhoto Library Recovery

When it comes about an efficient and powerful software for recovering photos, Remo Mac iPhoto Library recovery tool stands on top. Not just that, the utility can find lost images videos and other important media files easily. This wonderful recovery software which is encapsulated with the strong built-in scanning engine and beneficial features which empowering Mac users to retrieve their lost, deleted or missing iPhoto library from Mac system without facing any kind of complications. It is a simple and easy to use program that can deploy utility which offers risk-free and also an easy restoration of lost or deleted iPhoto library on all Mac OS X based computers. Remo Mac Data Recovery is a recommended tool which facilitates the system users to recover iPhoto library on the iOS based media gadgets. With the help of this application, you can even rescue missing photos of picasa folder from which images were deleted or lost in any circumstances.

Resourceful Features of Remo Mac Data Recovery

  • It is a proficient tool which has complete command in order to bring back deleted or missing photos from all versions of iPhoto onto the Mac operating systems.

  • Remo Mac Data Recovery software is well suited utility for Mac OS of all the latest versions, such as El Captain, Leopard, Marvericks, Lion, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.

  • This program is capable of regaining all popular picture file formats including JPG, TIF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP and so on.

  • It also recovery RAW file formats such as CR2, ARW, KDC, CRW, SR2, DCR, K25, KDC etc. based onto their matchless signatures.

  • The software can arrange the recovered pictures according to their file size, name, type, date etc. and retrieved files can be seen into Mac finder styles interface.

  • It is an amazing program which supports video and audio file recovery as well as the restoration of other types of files.

  • Remo Mac Data Recovery utility comes with 'Preview' option which helps the uses to see the recovered photos before an actual recovery task.

System Requirements

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 and above including Leopard, Snow Leopard & Lion

  • RAM: 1GB RAM (2GB RAM recommended)

  • Free Disk Space: 50MB of free space for installation

5. iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery (Recover iPhoto Library)

In order to restore valuable photos from iPhoto library folder, the recommended software is iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery. It is one of the best iPhoto restoration software which enables you to rescue iPhoto which is lost due to any of the reasons. The utility provides user-friendly interface and the powerful recovery engine that makes the software a nice tool in order to process iPhoto library recovery. Besides, with the help of this wonderful recovery program, you can also restore the files like documents, videos and archive files from your Mac operating system. You can download this powerful iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery software in order to retrieve lost or deleted photos now. This utility is full compatible with the latest Mac operating system (Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra).

Key Features of iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery

  • Restore deleted, lost, corrupted or formatted pictures from iPhoto library folder.

  • It can easily recovery entire lost iPhoto library.

  • Provides you the option to preview recovered photos originally before the recovery.

  • iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery is an easy-to-use recovery utility.

  • Lost data recovery mode recovers files with original file names, types and folders.

  • Supports all the popular file system like FAT32, FAT16, HFSX, exFAT, NTFS and HFS+.

  • The tool can rescue the files from Mac hard drives, USB drive and other external storage devices.

System Requirements:


OS: Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.9.5, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12 (Sierra).

CPU: 1GHz Intel Core or faster

RAM: 1GB or above

File Systems: FAT32, FAT16, HFSX, exFAT, NTFS and HFS+.

Which Software is the Best For Deleted iPhoto Library Recovery?

Of course, according to the experts, Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery is one of the best iPhoto recovery tool among all the above listed recovery program. Loss of huge collection of images captured during the adventurous trip or any holiday vacation is absolutely unacceptable. In this kind of situation, you want those precious and memorable photos back at any cost because they portray one of the memorable moments of your life. At this time, you might be pondering on how to choose the recovery utility which really works efficiently in order to rescue lost pictures from iPhoto library. So, you should just go for the Stellar Phoenix iPhoto library recovery program, which is an advanced and professional software fordata recovery.

The Stellar Phoenix iPhoto library recovery software has been designed specifically in order to deal with the multimedia file recovery onto the Mac systems. Besides, the advanced recovery mechanism of Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery tool helps you to retrieve images lost from iPhoto library in just a fast and secure way. It deeply scans the entire volume of the Mac systems where the loss of important pictures occurred and restore the photos easily. The tool can also rescue videos, audio and other vital media files which has been lost, missing, deleted after formatting Mac drive. The Stellar Photo recovery software also supports the recovery from various storage devices, such as external hard drive, iPods, SD card etc. System files from unmountable or inaccessible volumes can also be retrieved in just few simple clicks. The highly interactive, advanced and self-descriptive user interface of the program enables you to carry out the restoration process with ease.

How To Use Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Recovery Software To Restore iPhoto Library?

  • Select the Drive or Partition and tap on “Recover Data” option. Also, check “Quick or Advance Scan” option and go to “Start Scan”.

  • You will see the software start performing quick deleted iPhoto library recovery.

  • In the appeared “Scan Completed” pop-up, click on “OK” button.

  • Preview the files restored by Mac iPhoto library recovery software.

  • Select the desired files and tap on “Recover” button.

  • Now, choose the destination for saving restored files.

  • If you are sure about the destination, tap on “Proceed Anyway” option.